Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eat a Peach

This morning the Allman Bros' "Blue Sky" is blasting on my juke box reminding me to be happy. Just a little while ago, I was fumbling around in that fog of getting out of bed too early with too much to do, but now I've got "early morning sunshine - tell me all I need to know." It was music that got me through those grinding days of high school, the emotional wrenches of loves gone South, and today it will most likely be mopping the kitchen floor. Thank you all you musical types for keeping that torch lit, and don't forget to dig around your musty albums, or cracked CD cases, or scroll through that digitized weirdness we have at our fingertips nowadays and give yourself the present of cranking it up now and then.

This Thursday find that flame still a burning when 7 Door Sedan throws itself a CD release party at Jackie's Sidebar in Silver Spring which, just as an aside, was the end of the Red Line from 1978 until 1990 for all you Metro history buffs. Doors are at 8 and music at 9 opening with Spidercake.
$5 gets you in with the in crowd.

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