Thursday, October 8, 2015

All You Need Is

The Beatles knocked out this country with a cultural and musical punch that has not been equaled since 1964. All that practice in Hamburg, the artistic touches of Astrid Kirchherr and the brilliance of Brian Epstein and George Martin delivered those lads into a bedlam that American girls were more than happy to provide. But the question wasn't how much do you love the Beatles; the question was which one ?

I was pretty young when the band landed here, but when I was old enough to know better, I went for the one with the temper who was thrown out of art school. Yeah, yeah yeah- it was John Lennon for me.

That bad teddy boy would have been 75 on Friday so this Saturday Ronnie Newmyer has rounded up a host of local talent at the Hamilton to pay tribute to a man we lost too soon. The Hamilton is one of my favorite venues to see a band, and this show promises to deliver a lot of music in the name of love.

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