Thursday, October 22, 2015

Where in the World is Westover?

It's hard to describe the Westover Market Beer Garden in one sentence. It's a grocery store. And a pub. And a butcher shop. Like JV's, it's a little bit of anarchy in an otherwise innocuous Virginia shopping center. I can't even tell you where it is without cheating and looking at a map, but it's not far from the Virginia side of DC, maybe somewhat to the right of Seven Corners triangulated by Falls Church and Bermuda?? I know that's going to be a challenge for all us right handed Marylanders and DC centered types, but it might be worth the navigation. In summer there are live bands outside. In the winter there's usually a bonfire going, and a party waiting to happen. Oh, and did I mention the crazy ass beer selection? I mean there's barely enough room for the groceries. And there's good food served up to boot.

This Saturday is the last concert of the season featuring The Yachtsmen and Chef Jay's Jumpin' Jupiter. Beware-this is the great outdoors, and the music will start early around 5 p.m. ending at 9.
Get your compasses, your sextant, and your GPS at the ready. On your mark. Get set...Go dogs go.

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  1. Less than mile( under a 10 minute walk!) up Washington Blvd from the EastFallsChurch metro stop! Across the street from the original Lebanese Taverns,the original Lost Dog Cafe, and the long gone Luna Park Grill!