Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Washington's True Colors

Last post I pondered the angst causing angle of sunlight these Autumn days, but this time, due to our possibly politically incorrect Indian Summer, Washington will be shining its "True Colors." Even though the days are hair-wrenchingly shorter than last week, the weather will rock with unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies.

(photo by Roger Cokinos)
I wish I had out of town guests. Then I'd have an excuse to walk the C and O, or check out the view from either Fred Douglass' or Bobby Lee's front porches for technicolor tableaus of our swinging metropolis.  Another place I like to take people is the Claude Moore Farm where you can gin up the time machine and head back to 1771 for a hang with the tenant farmers. It's a bit like a really poor man's Williamsburg. (Double bonus? Spying on the cloak and dagger folks jogging behind the fence at the CIA.)

(Photo/ DC Rocks)

The final field trip would be to JV's in Outer Mongolia. Actually this bastion of "ageless charm without yuppie bastardization" is just down the road from Falls Church proper, but if you wander too far you will land in the cobweb of Seven Corners. Here our mediocre model of American Suburb runs amok, and is aptly symbolized by this monkey-gone-mental morass of an intersection so try and plan your route carefully.

Possible travel perils aside, JV's is worth the risk- nestled where it is on Route 50 in a small shopping center between the Goodwill and a decent Asian restaurant. But it's a perfect little live music venue with stage, dance floor and bar, a scene kept hopping by Lorraine Campbell for many a moon.

(photo by Gerald Martineau)
Thursday is my usual go-to night, and plenty of people are in the know already, but this weekend the Thrillbillys will be doing a rare Saturday evening appearance for all you week night shut-ins. Five dollar cover for an ass- kicking band.

(Photo By Gerald Martineau)

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