Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thinking Thanksgiving

My most prevalent Thanksgiving memory might be one of my mother sighing in the kitchen while my father, un-showered and unshaven, a leaf blower strapped to his back is still buzzing around the patio just fifteen minutes before fifty or so Greek family members arrive at 5 p.m. sharp.

My craziest Thanksgiving weekend? The year my little cousins from Florida put ice in all the water glasses thus spreading a virulent and somewhat violent stomach flu throughout the family. This became apparent on Saturday when we all staggered into St Sophia's for my daughter's christening-valiantly setting forth unaware that every other one of us was as green as the next guy. At the after party back at my parents' house, my father was found sleeping underneath a pile of coats left on his bed. Probably best that I don't add a picture here.

My Thanksgiving song. "Alice's Restaurant." Anyone who grew up with WHFS knew to tune the radio in on Thanksgiving Day for Arlo Guthrie's version of just what happened to him "two Thanksgiving ago or two years ago on Thanksgiving," not at Alice's restaurant because that's not where Alice lives, but at the church nearby the restaurant where she lives with her husband Ray and Facha, the dog. This year, by the by,  marks the fiftieth anniversary of "Blind Justice."

Thanksgiving movie. Barry Levinson's "Avalon." One of my favorites, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful movies ever made about life here in these United States. Lesson learned? Don't cut the turkey without Uncle Gabriel.

Best thanksgiving dinner. ( Besides my mother's real in-the-bird stuffing that she hid in the kitchen, and my dad's free samples delivered by greasy fingers right from the bird and into your mouth )
One I won't have- my friend Paul's making turducken up in Maine today where it's a balmy 40 degrees in Bangor. And this one: Turkey, Oysters and Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham served up by my niece and her husband in Plum Point, Maryland, hopefully later today.
Happy Thanksgiving and much love to my friends and family near and far.

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