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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Ruckus in the Rumpus Room

Do you remember the first Clyde's down in Georgetown?  It once was an unpretentious little place for a burger and a beer. Legend has it, this is where Bill Danoff, inspired by the happy hour menu, penned that tenacious ear worm of a tune "Afternoon Delight."

In 1995 Clyde's opened another location- this time distinctly more upscale and uptown in Chevy Chase. Ten years later when upscale upgraded itself,  Clyde's (and Giant) held their own as that stretch of Wisconsin Avenue was transformed into Rodeo Drive.  Upstairs there's still a really nice restaurant with a model train making the rounds, but down in the basement where the transportation theme continues,  the bar is humming, and the music is free.  (And on Fridays, there's a second happy hour at 10 p.m. Honk!)

This weekend the Watt Brothers will rock this space on Friday and The Beat Hotel hit it on Saturday. Both bands guaranteed to breathe life into an other wise dull part of town.

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