Thursday, April 28, 2016

Move the Party Indoors

What's with the unusually cool and wet weather?  Because the world is all about me, I will tell you.
First off, I love rainy weather. Give me cloudy and gray over hot sunshine any day of the summer and a lot of the spring. But this Sunday is Easter, and the long, gaily festooned table I envisioned out in the yard is in deep jeopardy. (For those a bit bewildered- this man will explain.) (Warning: not for vegetarians)

I will wait and hope the weather wags are wrong, but meanwhile if you need an indoor event, there's a lot of brass going on with Slavic Soul Party at IOTA Friday playing with  DC's own Black Masala and Big Mama Shakes.

I am not going to mention King Soul at Hank Dietle's Saturday because that is just going to be insane. Hopefully it won't rain on that parade.

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