Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Slim- We Hardly Knew Ye

photo by Robert Friedman

Here's a quick reminder about the Root Boy themed DC Music Salon tonight at Shaw Library (which some might have missed because I snuck it into a posting last week about Kevin MacDonald.)

And while we are sneaking things in, I'm reminded to remind you, dear readers, that those of you who get DC ROCKS via email, can't "see" what is on the constantly shifting sands of the DC ROCKS' calendar unless you hit the link (or hyper-link?) and "go there." Or fly there?

Never the less once you are "there," you can see the sidebar where all the gigs are that I wish I had time to time write about to - like the Harry Bells at Boundary Stone or The Thrillbillys' last minute gig tomorrow night opening for The Waco Brothers at IOTA.  Oh, and don't forget the Vi-Kings rare cross-river bending gig at JVs this Saturday night. Plenty to put on YOUR calendar.

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