Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hazy Cosmic Jive

I confess. I tuned out of commercial radio many moons ago when the increasingly frequent ads started driving me up a tree. Now I rarely stray from WAMU or WPFW because I am an old dog that can adapt to only so many new tricks. Like computers.  I know you can get a subscription or some other device in your car, but my radio is so old it has a cassette player.
Hey, remember the days when you pulled the button on your car radio all the way out, dialed in your favorite station, then pushed it back in to keep it there? I could handle that. Of course when you borrowed your parents' car you had to leave it on their stations like WMAL with Harden and Weaver or WTOP with Paul Harvey.  Or maybe WINX. All on the AM dial, of course. But coming of age for many of us meant WHFS, the radio station we might miss the most here in DC ROCKS land. Back then radio employees (and sometimes friends)  were allowed to bring out their "on air" personalities and musical preferences. If a band was coming through town, they would drop in for a chat. Now there are still listening choices- maybe more than ever- but I'm a bit slow to catch on to things like "streaming" and "pod casts."

This week though DC ROCKS reader Bill Wachtell turned me on to a pod cast called the "Last Gasp Radio" which features music and interviews from a former denizen of WTGB. (Right now- thanks to the miracle of technology- I'm listening to Abaad Behram tell true tall tales of his life with Razz and Reidy.) Also, if you want to rocket yourself further back in time, this Wednesday down at Shaw Library, some of the 'HFS deejays, including Cerphe and Weasel, will be slinging stories and showing  clips of the "Feast Your Ears" movie at this month's meeting of the DC Music Salon.

P.S. Reader Debbie Deb reminded me you can catch Weasel onWTMD 89.7 on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. with encore broadcast on Saturday at noon. She also recommends the Dirty Soul Party on Saturday nights at 9 p.m.

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