Thursday, June 23, 2016

Once Upon a Moon

The Summer Solstice arrived this week by the light of a full Strawberry Moon, and I hope you all were paying attention because this phenomenon might not happen again until the year 2062. Poking around cyber space though, I am learning that calculating the direct hits and near misses seems to be a tricky business. The folks at Earth/Sky indicate the last occurrence was during the Summer of Love in 1967.

while the  Old Farmer's Almanac points to 1948 which seems to be the Summer of the Polaroid Land Camera.

In any case it's a seldom seen event which reminds me... The Seldom Scene - DC's answer to non-traditional bluegrass-will be out and about tonight at Nottaway Park and throughout the summer. (Check their website for schedule.)

Although all of the original members of the band have moved onto different realms or phases in their lives, the torch is being carried forward by top flight musicians devoted to preserving a DC institution.

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