Friday, July 29, 2016

Moose and Squirrel

This election season sure has been full of surprises. Between sloppy plagiarism to invites of espionage, I feel like I'm watching an episode of "Rocky and Bullwinkle." When I first watched those cartoons, I was too young to catch the political satire lurking behind Boris "Badenov" and Natasha Fatale, but sometime in college, after a long booze infused night in College Park, I wandered into a frat house to find no one up except Moose and Squirrel on the TV in the common room.  I sank into an arm chair, and soaked in the new layers of humor that had sailed over my head ten years before.  (Fearless leader if you're listening...)

Also I can't help but notice that musicians have rallied around one candidate with luminaries performing at their convention- while at the other unhappy artists have protested even their recordings being played. "Cleveland Rocked" looks into this subject. (Great title)

Of course there's the write in candidate, and one band in the District of Columbia, far from Frostbite Falls, wants your vote. The party ticket is just that- they want to throw cocktail bashes in the White House. This Monday night the shamelessly ambitious Yachstmen will be currying favor at the Galaxy Hut- a tiny home to an astoundingly varied choice of crafty draft beers.  Alexis and the Samarai- talented friends from New Orleans are also on the bill.  The five dollar cover  ridiculously low for a contribution to the arts, but such is life in Pottsylvania.

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