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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Rundown on Fort Reno

By hook or crook the Fort Reno Concert Series started up again last week and will continue with three bands showing off their stuff every Monday and Thursday from July 7th until August 4th.  This Monday will be "cake night" with Dot Dash, the Delarcos and Nine to Five taking the stage to celebrate the late John Stabb's birthday. Here is the full schedule which has links to all the bands as well as the low down on attending.

This unique and free event is an all volunteer operation which sometimes showcases young bands who have never played on stage before. It's truly an all ages scene including babies on blankets, skulking teens, and aging rockers. I want to send a shout out and thank you to Amanda MacKaye who has kept this crazy ball rolling for many a moon now. It's a beautiful spot to have a picnic, catch a breeze or make some noise.

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