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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dancing In September

My cousin John who lives out in Ashton, Maryland declared he saw a leaf fall yesterday, but Autumn officially doesn't actually arrive until September 22 this year, and many a warm day and beautiful night lie in between. Stave off that seasonal disorder by focusing on the positive. September starts handily on a Friday which means five weekends, people!

Kick up your heels starting with Valentine Slim who will take over the Takoma VFW this Friday night. "Slim" has a long musical history in D.C. which includes dancing for the Psychedelic Power and Light Company at the Ambassador Theater- an amazing tale there, and I could digress, but I won't so hit the link for more. Nowadays Slim concentrates on bringing out a country blues rock kind of thing, and the Hells Bottom VFW is the perfect venue for the sound.

Saturday night catch Dede and the Do-Rights in an all star line up at Hank Dietle's - another perfect little honky tonk. On a larger scale, local bands invade the 9:30 Club. Look for The Split Seconds, Thaylobleu and more at the rare night club where all ages can see live music.

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