Thursday, September 28, 2017

Long Time Gone

Comings and goings are a part of life, but when the days slip into years, it seems as if some places will always be the same. Fast food joints and 7/11s may reliably litter our landscape, but the more fragile local venue can fall prey to economic battering. And so away went Chick Hall's Surf Club and sadly, after this weekend, we will be adding IOTA to the "places that are gone" list. Appropriately enough Last Train Home will be playing tonight and Friday night when the Graverobbers come out of hiding.

Saturday, the show starts at noon and will feature a long list of IOTA alumni onstage and many a wistful smile deep into the night. A special shout out and thank you to Jane and Stephen Negrey who kept these doors open since 1994 and welcomed thousands of musicians and thirsty people. In particular I will miss the little back patio which was once one of my favorite hangs on a summer evening.

If IOTA wasn't on your radar, but you are still feeling nostalgic, The Allman Others are playing Gypsy Sally's with Beat Hotel on Friday night. On Saturday all axe wielders/lovers should join the pilgrimage to Bethesda Blues and Jazz for the Roy Buchanan Tribute. My friend and rock connoisseur, Bill Hanke, who faithfully occupies the trenches supporting the music scene, summed up this show most eloquently:

"Although this is a gee-tar show, I'm most excited about seeing local legend and Roy Buchanan Band alum Vince Santoro on drums. There are NONE better. He's moved on to Nashville for fame and fortune, but he's still OURS!!! I'm probably gonna cry when he comes out. No, I WILL cry.  I'm not kidding." 

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