Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Exit Strategy

I'm not complaining, but does this holiday week seem extra long to you? Need to vacate the house, despite the big chill? If so, get on your long john groove and head down to the new Wharf. You'll find burning towers and bonfires creating warmth for those who need to get out, no matter what the weather, and a waterfront neighborhood deliberately curated to rock with restaurants, bars and three live music venues.

Everybody seems to have heard of The Anthem which is big enough to relieve the 9:30 Club of mega crowded rock shows, but intimate it's not. Pearl Street Warehouse, which is just a block or so over from Anthem, feels more down home with working garage doors and a diner hooked onto one end.

Lisa White, former long time music wrangler for the 9:30 Club empire, will be booking, so be on the look out for an eclectic mix of good music, including DC's own wild n crazy in a good way King Soul tomorrow night.

And the newest kid in town - just across the way from Pearl Street- is Union Stage, brought to you by the Brindley Brothers of Jammin' Java. The venue is about the same size as Pearl Street and will hold roughly 400 people- which is double the size of their Vienna location. This Friday's show includes three bands from Virginia: Kid Brother, MILO in the Doldrums and Dusk Whale. Both venues will feature affordable shows.

And for those of you who want to hunker down on the progressive side don't miss The Messthetics and Dan Joesph at Rhizome in Takoma Park. (What's with all the Friday night happenings?)

Of course what I write about here is only the tip of the iceberg of what's going on in this town. Check the DC ROCKS calendar for more options this weekend.

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