Thursday, December 21, 2017

Out of It

I have been  feeling a bit isolated and out of it this week which doesn't help with the upcoming holiday prep.  First off my cell phone somehow landed in the cat's water bowl and remained there unnoticed for quite some time. (I wonder if there's a Guiness Book of Records for a phone dying in the smallest possible body of water?)

Second  the news was so bad,  I wasn't able to listen to the radio like I usually do without catapulting into depression, and I couldn't call anyone to commiserate because my cell phone was languishing in a bag of rice.

As I reported a couple of weeks ago I perennially struggle with the mail in December.  I have a Jewish friend who religiously sends me a Christmas card EVERY year and, of course, Hanukkah is usually over and the candles are out by the time I dig up a card to send back.

And so,  as per my usual advice, I would like to take this moment to quote the great King Arthur via Monty Python.
"Run away!!" ( find a local watering hole)
"Bring up the holy hand grenade!"  (also known as booze)

Musical distractions this weekend include H.R. and the Captivators at Songbyrd and Revelator Hill with Ron Holloway at Pearl Street Warehouse. Both on Friday. Jimmy and the Blue Dogs invade Hank Dietle's on Saturday. Good ole JVs will be rocking both Christmas eve and Christmas night. Last but certainly not least, the Alice Despard Group, Marshall Keith and Mary Battiata are banding together (ha) for a Sparklehorse tribute at Galaxy Hut after the dust settles on Boxing Day.  Definitely a highlight of the month.

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