Thursday, January 18, 2018

Let It Snow

According to the Capital Weather Gang, we are in a "snow hole" this year which does not mean we are living like polar bears. Our cumulative total so far tops out at 3.1 inches here in DC - slightly less than Baton Rouge and an inch less than Atlanta. What gives?!

I am a big fan of snow. Snow flakes mean snow days and snow days mean pancakes.  Even if I haven't been in school for a long time, I still get amped up when flakes are in the forecast.  Maybe my big brother imprinted this appreciation on me. He made me this snow giant when I was a baby.

Musicians, however, freak out when they hear the "S" word. To them it means scraping and shoveling and limited parking. They have to navigate slushy streets, slog through the ice, hump gear- all in the freezing cold with white stuff falling on their heads. Worst of all many of their fans won't be showing up at the gig since they are at home making pancakes.

Fortunately for the music scene, the weather this weekend promises to be unseasonably warm, and this Friday night the irrepressible Rhodes Tavern Troubadours are sure to rock Villain and Saint. If you remember the Quarry House- this place is similar in size, long and narrow, but at least this venue has a stage and a very long bar in the room. You can walk from the Metro or find ample parking behind the club. Show starts at 9 pm no matter what you've heard.

Saturday evening catch the all ages punk rock benefit for DC Legal Posse at St Stephen's. Fugazi /guitar/ prog rock fans won't want to miss this show which includes The Messthetics. Please note this is a really early show.

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