Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wind Chill Factor

Move over Mister Groundhog. With polar "bomb cyclones" dropping in on D.C., we ought to be smart like you and burrow underground. But I'll bet it's dark and lonely down there-doing the hibernating thing. Overeating. Not getting out of bed for three months or so. Up here we call that "depression." Do you have candles and an X-box? Bourbon? Maybe it's worth staying above ground just in case the sun comes out.

Plus it's not too long until Sunday when the big warm up happens with a projected high of 26 degrees on your mercury dial. Time to eat your young or get them out for a show. "Music for 100 Guitars," hosted by Boat Burning, promises to be an unusual musical event as well as a benefit for Bread For The City

Here is the skinny from my trusty music man Bill Hanke:

"The "Music for 100 Guitars" at 9:30 Club is an organized musical tsunami! The guitarists will be loosely divided into four groups- playing on the FLOOR! Each group will have a conductor, who follows a main conductor.  The audience walks around amongst the musicians as the music seeps and swirls around them, encouraging the listeners to open up their minds and let everything come through like LSD, without the drug! A transcendent experience. You REALLY should make it to this one."

Anyone who has lived here longer than the present administration is bound to know someone playing or going. Click on the poster to get a better look.

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