Friday, June 29, 2018

Just Need Another Shot of Rock and Roll

As the political atmosphere continues to heat up along with the weather here in town,  I can hardly listen to the news anymore without feeling like this.

The Fourth of July lands right smack in the middle of the work week extending the weekend and giving all a good excuse to choose music and mayhem over the usual grind. Start the week out with the Fort Reno Concert series which kicks off on Monday July 2nd with Lotion Princess, Time Is Fire and Desdemonas. 

On Tuesday help bail out Vinyl Acres, the record store, owned by longtime DC musical legends Martha Hull and Bob Berberich. The shop flooded again this spring during yet another historic rain storm. The old school benefit at Villain and Saint is shaping up to be quite the event and will feature Grin Again- joined by none other than DC's own Nils Lofgren!! Holy crap!
(I just found that part out and am still excited)

Plus Rock- A- Sonics- The Sidleys, DC Ratso, surprise guests and more. In a time when things seem overwhelmingly sad and bad, here's a little piece of the world that we can try to fix.

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