Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Rudolph and the Misfit Parade

Remember when this time of year meant hopefully catching "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" on TV ? My childhood bestie Joy has a birthday today, and when we were kids, she occasionally had to incorporate the event into her slumber party.

Who knew that when we grew up we would be able to watch the whole dang thing on our phones ?

Well, kids, it's time to tell you. The Island of Misfit Toys is real, and musicians live there, too. Especially players like Eddie Angel of Los Straightjackets (although we in D.C. like to claim him for Switchblade.)

This Thursday you can catch Eddie Angel's Guitar Party opening for  J.D. McPherson at the Black Cat. On Friday Bill Hanke recommends Slash Run for "1960s style garage stompers Ar-Kaics and 60s style lysergic jingle-jangle Beginner's Mynd. Drink the cool-aid, said Ken Kesey. I hate to say 1960s style, but the new generation needs to know." 

Gotta love Bill. God bless the freaks. 

P.S. The answer to last week's quiz? The "new wave" club was Silver Spring Station and the other was L.A. Cafe at 18th and Connecticut NW. 

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