Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ian Hunter and ME

Sometime long ago, way back in my salad days when the Capitol Center was still alive, I realized that without really good seats, it wasn't worth seeing a rock show there- especially if you were in the nosebleed sections, as we used to call 'em. And the "sky boxes" that everyone raved about were really just party rooms where you might as well be watching the band on TV.

Last night was just the opposite when Ian Hunter and his Rant band played at the Ram's Head in Annapolis. The space only holds 250 people, and the show was sold out. Ian Hunter, a legendary rock god in his own rite, and his band shook that place to the walls and back from his opening number until the encore. He sang new original songs, some older stuff, and did a great reprise of Mott the Hoople materiel in the end. He is one of those accomplished musicians that is still producing, not just relying on his past. His songs are powerful, topical,and soulful. And seeing him from our table, not more than 20 feet away was a beautiful, amazing thing. Sometimes he sang right to me. (OK, and to everyone around me.) I don't miss the Cap Center at all.

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  1. i love ian hunter and mott the hoople. i keep missing these great life passing me by?
    ian was definately singing to YOU. cause i would sing to you if i saw you at one of my shows.i hope i see you next sat.night at Sangha
    peace&luv -Sir Joseph