Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ottley/Beatnik Fly Alert

Sangha on Westmoreland Avenue in Takoma Park is an unusual space- part store-part somebody's living room- and furthermore, it's a really fun place to see a band. Two blasts (and I don't use that word lightly) from our area past will be there this Saturday. Slickee boy legends, Marshall Keith and Martha Hull make up two out of three members of Ottley- a self described garage band. And Bob Berberich, the other member, was the original drummer for Grin and the Hangmen. The Beatnik Flies have been together, well, since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but they played Sangha a few months ago, and it was great. It's amazing what this town can cough up in the way of talent.
So here's the scoop from Joe Dolan, spokesman Fly:
"The doors open at 8:30. Ottley will go on about 9:30 for a one hour set. The Beatnik Flies will start at 10:50, and will play until we can't play no more. We are planning on about 20 songs.
We especially encourage young people to check us out, cause they
usually dig us once they do. Is it our girlish hairdos and dandyish cloths? We don't know.
People should try to get there early, 'cause I don't know how many people this place holds. Admission is
$10 or $6 with student ID. A portion of the proceeds
will be donated to "HUNGRY FOR MUSIC" a charity that
provides musical instruments to kids that cannot afford to buy them.
Also we will be celebrating two birthdays: Martha Hull
(legendary singer of Ottley) and Jennifer (the hard
working lady who runs Sangha Cafe/Sangha Peace
Project. So lets rock!"

Yep, let's go!

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