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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gear UP

Some weekends are stuffed with parties and events, and some are not.
This one's got more going on than a barrel of monkeys-
There's the Taste of Bethesda on Saturday, Oct 6 featuring that great Cream cover band GHZ- 1:45-3:45 on the Cordell Ave stage. Then Saturday evening The Stingrays are playing at the Old Angler's Inn of all places way out there on MacArthur Blvd. in what feels like the sticks, but is only about fifteen minutes outside our own fair city limits. Sounds like a cool show outdoors in the beer garden from 6:30-9:30.
Sunday, Oct 7th is the Takoma Park Street Festival which always has a ton of music. Then again you could veer west and catch The Beatnik Flies at the Capitol Rocks- Guitars Not Guns Benefit in Fort Hunt, VA. Still up for more??
The Music on the Rise people are promising a true retrospective of the 1980s at The State Theater with a showing of Langley Punk films emceed by Mark Noone, as well as a night of rocking down memory lane with the likes of Billy Hancock, Robert Gordon and Eddie Angel. That ballgame kicks off at 6. Tickets are $30, but it's yet another benefit and hey-all of the above venues are free (or give what you can at guitars not guns) so you ought to still have a little folding money left. Don't forget- Monday's a holiday for some of you...

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