Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MY BackYard NOW

It's finally raining here- the operative word being the present participle raining, not rained or might rain or did rain. And being Washington, it's the usual wild swing of the pendulum from 80 degrees and drought to flood watch, a when it rains it pours rain. The first rain woke me up from a sound sleep around 1 a.m. Wednesday - the noise was that unfamiliar. Later that morning, a guy asked me what the school rain routine was. He didn't know because it hadn't rained since school started back in AUGUST.

So things seem different now- simple things I had forgotten like -getting wet. Puddles. The sounds cars make driving down wet streets. Plus the rain made me discover that we desperately need umbrellas- every single one has exposed spokes. And that the kid has holes in the bottoms of his shoes which explains why his socks got soaked while walking to school. It's hard getting out of bed in the morning, and people in cars are careening into each other as if we had an ice storm, but I really missed this thing called rain, and I'm glad it's finally here. I just hope it's not in my basement.

Postscript from Bob Ryan: This has been the wettest week in over a year-3 and half inches of rain so far.

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