Monday, October 15, 2007

The Sun Sets on Chick Hall's Surf Club

(The sun was sinking,
but the party was just beginning)

As promised the show started shortly after three in the afternoon and went on until almost three in the morning. (At least I think that's what happened because by then I wasn't watching the clock.) I do know that the parking lot was full when I got there around 5:30. The doors were all open with good music pouring out, and sunlight streaming in, making everything feel a bit surreal- that and a ceiling full of balloons. The dance began early and went on until the cows came home.

(sun hits the surf)

Musicians were everywhere- inside and out, playing or yacking...
and it was the same scene hours later.
Every time there was a possible lag between bands,
Heroes and Friends would
take up the slack.

The only problem was that the evening came to an end. It was hard to leave knowing that even though there will still be stuff happening there, it's never going to be the same without the Halls.

Thanks again to Chris and Chick
and all the Halls that kept this place alive and kicking-
and especially to their father for starting the whole shbang.
We're going to miss it,
and all of you-true "heroes and friends".


p.s. if you click on the pix- most of them will blow up.

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