Friday, November 2, 2007

Troubadours Rocked/ Swingin' Johnsons with No Room to Swing A Cat

The Troubadours got off to a slightly rough start last night as they hadn't all played together since August, I think, but once in the groove, they nailed IT. (And whatever IT is- let there be no mistake- they've got IT.) People were clapping all through the first set and dancing through the second.
Not to mention Derek Huston, now free of Iguana-land just knocked my socks off.
As they say in New Orleans "It takes a cool cat to blow a horn" and boy, he's one of 'em. You can still catch him tonight with The Swingin' Johnsons down at The Sunset Grille in ole Virginnny.
If you don't know The Grille, capacity is around 40, and the 7 piece band is what percent of that? You can do the math or not, but get there EARLY. The band supposed to go on @ 9ish.

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