Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Karl Rove lives in my neighborhood, but I'll bet he never thought of looking for WMD right here in DC. (Just think: peace, love and music coming out of this town instead of war and destruction, but maybe that's another issue.) I looked, and I found WMD practicing in a back yard right down the street from me. It was Michael Dolan. (a founding member of The Catholics for you DC music buffs. The Catholics played back in the day at places of yore like The Bayou and Columbia Station.) Now he and a whole bunch of other people are ganging up to create a wall o' sound with a "12 member rock and soul revue" at DC9 this Thursday night November 15 . WMD will be playing to support the D.C. chapter of One Brick - a charitable online community. “We’re very excited about helping One Brick. They’re a real asset to the city,” said show organizer and drummer Ian Martinez. He's the “M” in WMD. Guitarist Josh Wein, and bassist Michael Dolan make up the other letters.
Comedian Adam Ruben will emcee, and The Method will open. A sawbuck gets you in.

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