Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catch the Buzz

I used to go see the Beatnik Flies "back in the day." But that's not why I have been enjoying their re-emergence so much. It's because they totally rock. It's like all the creative juices got concentrated. It's no wonder they won Little Steven's Battle of the Garage Bands a few years ago. Check out Black Diamond Halo at Beatnik Flies' Page . You too can get drunk on incense at the Velvet Lounge this Friday night, February 15. It's a multi-generational celebration. Loadrunner and Repelican will join the line-up to celebrate Haley's birthday – she's the daughter of Flies Frontman, Joe Dolan and a fine musician in her own right.

The order is Loadrunner, Beatnik Flies, Repelican. Things usually start between 9:30 and 10 down there. Do it.

Lyn2 (sitting in for the fabulous Lyn1)

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