Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frantic Friday as Weasel Used To Say

Why is it always piled up on one night?
On Saturday night you can wash your hair or whatever, but FRIDAY- there's stuff from one end of this town to the other including The Junkyard Saints and Chopteeth at Chick Hall's Surf Club for Pete's Sake and your dancing pleasure. As far as I know-which isn't that much really- The Surf Club is closing next Tuesday, and a certain EVIL drug store chain (whose name I won't even repeat here I'm so dismayed) will be taking over. ( It starts with a C if you must know)

Then on the opposite side of the burg, The Rhodes T. Troubadours will not be playing Irish music at Nanny O' Brien's , but knowing them they will be slogging back an Irish Whiskey or two or three and rocking that tiny joint. They are always good for a fun show, plus the price is right. (no cover)

But wait- there's more from my trusty sidekick:

Get on over to the Cue Bar on Friday night to check out DJ Tommy B. spinning 80s music that won't be like other 80s nights. You'll hear things that most have forgotten or never knew, and tunes that evoke that decade where mainstream was maddening, and the underground was alive. And you'll get it all through the ears of Tom Berard, local legend and hero. Show your support and play some pool or ping pong, dance, drink, whatever. The Cue Bar's at 1115 U Street NW.


So don't let a little snow or sleet slow you down. Is anyone else sick of the fuss this town makes over the the weather? You'd think some school bus sized spy rig was falling out of the sky.

Besides there'll be plenty of parking.

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