Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Get By With A Little Help

There's good things and bad things about being in the music world- just like anything else. The good are fairly obvious: for one- having the capability to affect people emotionally-to move them to clap or cry. (or leave the room for a beer) The downside can be literally costly- like the lack of any sort of benefits or health care. Fortunately musicians are good about banding together (yeah, pun intended) when need be, and that's what's happening this Sunday at El Boqueron II in Rockville- at a benefit for Maxine Blank. Her name may not have been on the bill, but she has run many a sound board for tons of bands and venues in this area. Now she has medical bills beyond her means, and her friends which include The Nighthawks are organizing - MAXAID featuring tons of great local music like Ruthie and The Wranglers, Patty Reese, The Nighthawks including Ratso, Janine Wilson , special guests and more. Plus there's a silent auction of rock 'n roll stuff. Eight bands for only fifteen bucks! (two get in for $25) Look at the line up on the poster above or hit this link- MAXAID to learn more about it. A bargain AND a good cause and an early event- doors open at 4- and it's over by 10.
So come out, have fun and help make this night a big success.
I'll see you there.

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