Sunday, April 13, 2008

Death and Taxes

Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. Ben Franklin said it, and by George, he was right. Again. But for those of you that can get to the post office by Tuesday evening, and want a diversion- go see The Rosslyn Mountain Goats when they return to The Quarry House.

I went to the first show and was not disappointed. Don't expect to hear their old Mt. Boys' songs, but do expect great musicians (Joe Triplett, Bob Berberich, Peter"Tex Luigi"Bonta, Rico Petruccelli, and Martha Hull) playing a variety of music from traditional roots country to rock. (Last time this included Joe Triplett delivering a murder ballad which was so passionate he left the room slightly stunned. Someone finally broke the silence saying-Well, that was down right scary- which is exactly as it should be.)
And when Martha Hull takes the mike, the band is forced to rock harder and louder just to keep up with her. Martha tends to wander out towards the crowd which may startle the waitress, but that's the great thing about an intimate joint like The Quarry House. I don't know how long this will go on, but there is no cover. The band passes the hat in a low key way. PLUS happy hour prices all night. No wonder they call it Lonesome Hobo Brother, can you spare a dime Tuesdays. They go on at 8 so all you working stiffs can get home early, too.

You can get a LOT for your hard earned dough here which is more than can be said about those tax dollars we send flying off who knows where every year.

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