Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Quarry House Pops This Weekend

The legendary 9353's 25th Anniversary Hometown Tour hits The Quarry House this Friday and Saturday nights. These two shows are the last chances this year to hear the band that calls "paranoia pop." (And one of the most prolific poster plasterers this town has ever seen.) Four more bands will be joining 9353- a different line up each night:

Friday Night:
Puptent - "Pop-not-Pop"
Ironboss - a Baltimore band, very much not Pop

Saturday Night:

7 Door Sedan - their glam/psychedelic/rock and soul thing will wow you, but it's not quite Pop
New Standard - descendants of The Penetrators - (Does that sound like Pop to you?)

Try to make it out to two full nights-5 full bands-whether it's pop or not it's all local so please show the love.
Lyn1 and Lyn2

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