Thursday, April 3, 2008

DC Rocks Inspires A Song

We sometimes attempt to amuse here at DC Rocks, but Lyn2 has BECOME a muse.
She received the message below from Phil Duarte after she wrote her description of Pup Tent at The Quarry House last week:

We've had this song we've jammed on for about a year and haven't done live because I thought it needed something else. Last night I started singing that part of your piece on DC Rocks, and it finished the song. The song will be called That's What We Are. "Pop/not pop, that's what we are," repeat ad infinitum until we end. So you are now the inspiration of a new Pup Tent number that with two more new tunes should be in the set by the time of the 9353 show. So there!

Feel the love.

Thanks, Phil.

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