Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You CAN Do It All

DC is rocking this weekend and for once it's spread out.

Friday night bring back the olden days with Tru Fax and The Insaniacs at The Quarry House. Here is the scoop from Lyn2 which she titled Iconic:

A sign on the wall at Stetson's says "Help Wanted: Bartender, Waitron, ....etc." If you have introduced a word into the English language, then you deserve Iconic status. And that's what Tru Fax and the Insaniacs did with Washingtron, which poked fun at the Reagan-era Me-Generation of the early 1980's in DC. They should add a verse about Blackberries. Check out the vocals of the prolific Diana Quinn and the psychedelic pop rock metal punk garage melange that only David Wells, Kenny Bugg and Michael Mariotte can conjure.
As if that's not enough, at this very same show Puptent is rising again. Back from sabbatical and recently in the studio, they are bringing their diabolical pop not-pop fury with a new vengeance. On the scene since 2005, Puptent is Phil Duarte, Ted Watts and Ben Azzara. These guys have been in more bands than I can name here. All the signs say Puptent intend to be icons of skronk and roll, too. Don't miss this.

And Saturday night- Ladies and Gentlemen- it's The Beatnik Flies- one of the grooviest bands ever. I was listening to their latest CD- Drunk On Incense in the car, and I mistakenly thought I had the radio on so I'm thinking what psychedelic band is this, and how did I miss them the first time around? It's just a case of what's old is new all over again and better than ever.
Plus to round out the evening, their old friends The Loggers will be opening. Add to that a great dose of atmosphere- the show is happening at the historic Hank Dietles Tavern- a tiny but steadfast fixture on The Pike lo these many many years. Things get under way round 9:30.
(That's Dietle's Tavern at 11010 Rockville Pike-across from White Flint Mall)

And last but not least Sunday look for an unusual happening at Perk Up in Alexandria when the meticulous rock 'n' roll historian Mark Opsasnick gives a reading.
More on this on Friday.

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