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Friday, March 28, 2008

He Lived on Love Street

I admit it. I was a big fan of The Doors and especially Jim Morrison. I even skipped The Louvre and went to Pere-Lachaise to visit his grave the brief time I was in Paris years ago. (Yes. I admit that, too.) And for people like me, we're lucky to have a guy like Mark Opsasnick who tracked Morrison's every move when the family lived in Alexandria in his book-The Lizard King Was Here. Yep, he was here walking walking amongst us. I wish I'd known that way back when. Of course, I was about two, but what the heck. Anyway Jim and those times may be long gone, but this Sunday, Mark will be live and in person to sign and talk about his book along with two guys that went to high school with Jim Morrison. Music, too. See below for details.

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