Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Memorial For Michael

It's happening this Sunday March 30th at Nightclub 9:30 from 2-4 p.m. Michael Biel was a fixture at the club for many years as well as a character in his own rite. (with an emphasis on character) He was funny and smart and he loved music.
A long time ago I ran into him at 9:30 club, and he somehow knew I was pregnant- even before I was sure about it. And he told me then and there that everything was going to be all right even though my world seemed very iffy to me at the time. But he was so sure, I pretty much believed him. And then months later I came home to find a Slim Jim wrapped in a traffic flag stuck up on my back porch light. It was meant as a present for my new baby. I still laugh about that, and I still have it-seven years later.

Being the weird new world that it is, I was able to pull up our first email which, like Slim Jims, will probably outlive us all- at least until the universal cybernet collapses.
He wrote:
Do we have contact, Lynda? Over.

Roger that.
I replied.

Over and out, Michael.
Over and out.


  1. Besides being a smart, funny character, Michael was a heavy lifter with broad shoulders. He lawyered his way through our co-op conversion. Without him we would never have prevailed. He sued the guy who hit me in a motorcycle accident and won handily. He loved his children and women and being the handsome stud he was.
    And we'll all miss him something fierce.

  2. So many memories run through my mind when I think about Mike....the color pink*his ability to make art out of junk*how he would always find a way to meet you if only for 10 minutes...at all hours of the day or night*arm bracelets*his ability to stay upbeat even when confronted with fire*kindness and kookiness*eclectic thoughts and the friends that go with them*how amazed he was about his kids...he always used that word to describe them*He was a major character in the best book ever....true to himself and life...he took it as it came....thanks for setting a great example. I love you and I will miss you much!....Krystyn