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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boyz to Goats

(Rosslyn Mt. Boys @ Columbia Station 1978)

Anyone who has lived here long enough has probably heard of The Rosslyn Mountain Boys-
a very successful and talented country rock sort of group that had its heyday in the seventies.
But now get ready for The Rosslyn Mountain Goats- a whole new old breed of band.
Here's their story from the horse's mouth, Martha Hull:

The RMG thing came about when Bob Berberich's longtime intention to do a low-key country gig coincided with Joe Triplett's sudden urge in the same direction. This coincided with a creativite surge--Joe started writing songs again, one after another... and he wanted to play. After Ottley! played the Quarry House, Bob tagged it as the perfect Depression-era venue for a regular weeknight gig where they could try out new material in an intimate atmosphere, We hammered out a plan for Lonesome Hobo Tuesdays, a no-cover, pay what you can, happy hour all night, with music for working folks, from 8-10 pm.

Local Mountain Boys Peter Bonta and Rico Petruccelli were both up for joining forces again, and I was retained from Bob's original imaginary band, both to help cover harmonies and mix things up a little on the lead vocals. The material will draw from the Roslyn Mountain Boys catalog, Joe's new songs, and new input from all members -- focusing not so much on the RMB "hits" you would hear at a reunion as on recovered gems from way back in their history...and some very cool new shit. Deep roots.
Why Rosslyn Mountain Goats? Because without Tommy Hannum, it ain't RMB...
and it's a goat of a different color, anyway.
These Tuesdays are already attracting other local musicians to come and sit in with the goats on their night off-and we haven't even started yet!

Thank you, Martha.

So there you have it, and man-this sounds too good to be true to me. All that talent, and a cheap date to boot-this Tuesday, March 18th, at The Quarry House. I know it's the day after St. Patrick's Day, but remember that old saying about the hair o' the dog--
maybe it applies to goats, too.


  1. The Rosslyn Mountain Boys was a Bluegrass band. Just sayin.'

  2. Yes- bluegrass, too, but not just.
    I got the country/ rock thing off their own web site.
    but thanks.

  3. Mike,
    We aspired to being a bluegrass band but Barry's big ol' SVT bass amp and our Strats & Teles in dimed-out Twin Reverbs kinda made Tommy's dobro, the only real bluegrass instrument we used at the time, a bit hard to hear. We settled for playing neo-honkytonk, our precursor to alt-country :D
    Peter Bonta