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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gotta is Born by Lyn2

Slickee Boys History #2

There are so many stories so I have to default to my favorite. The first night they ever did Gotta Tell Me Why was around the summer of 1979 at the Childe Harold. Everyone loved it so much they insisted on an encore of it when the show was over. Then another. I've never seen a band do a song so many times. The crowd was dwindling but enthused. Some people who will go unnamed were drinking martinis from a pitcher - something else I am pretty sure I have never seen before or since. Some chairs were broken. It was bedlam entirely appropriate to the debut of an unusually perfect song.

You can make your up your own history when the SLICKEE BOYS appear this Friday at the Black Cat with GIRL LOVES DISTORTION. I wish my daughter Nicole was in town since she's been wearing Slickees shirts since she was a baby. First they were nightshirts since there were many sizes too big. Now they're everyday attire.

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