Monday, January 25, 2010

Dispatch From New Orleans

Football has meaning here in the Crescent City that doesn't exist anywhere else on this planet. When I got to New Orleans last Thursday, I was here to see my daughter first, my friends second and music third. The Saints game was not really on my radar though I knew it was important to my friends who live here. But tonight I found myself glued to the television laughing, screaming and even crying with a roomful of people doing the same.

(Mostly screaming.)

Laughing because I have seen New Orleans before and I have seen New Orleans survive after The Storm. Laughing because I have never seen so many people dressed in black and gold.

Screaming because this sporting event is wrapped up in the identity and spirit of this unique and amazing place unlike any other on this planet. Only people who have been here can understand. Where else do people greet you and hug you before they know your name?
("Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?")

And crying because where else has such tradgedy and joy existed under the roof of a sports arena?

Congratulations Saints.
(Who dat? Drew dat.)
Thanks for lifting up the spirits of people who have endured so much for so long.

Congratulations New Orleans!!!!!!!
Thank you for making this country a better place.


  1. One of the best games I've seen. AWESOME!

  2. It was my son, Eddie's second playoff game. We watched with good friends, good cocktails (not for Eddie) and screamed ourselves hoarse.