Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local Power

We are woefully behind when it comes to capitalizing on the power that is given to us via the sun, wind and water. Eons ago some fairly bright individuals (probably Greek) thought up things like boats, but we have yet to build a solar car for the masses. And while Congress dithers about environment issues up on Capitol Hill there is an untapped resource of energy right here in Washington DC.


That's right- the local rock scene: it's cleaner and a lot less expensive than fossil fuel, and the energy is infectious. Try it. Hit the Velvet Lounge this Saturday night when three forces of nature will be crammed into one fairly small room courtesy of Sister Ex, Rustbuckit and The Beatnick Flies.

Veteran rockers that just can't stop. Feel the power for only $8. You can't even fill your tank for that.

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