Friday, October 1, 2010

Soul on Sunday

This Sunday is fraught with choices what with the Takoma Park Street Festival  and St  Bernadette's Fall Festival  happening on the same day. Both are good choices, but St Bernadette's has something Takoma Park doesn't have: pony rides!
They will also have food, games, beer and live entertainment. 
And best of all (besides the pony thing) if you didn't have time to get to church, King Soul will be there to help you feel all spiritual again. You can catch their groove from 1-4. Ambitious types can hit both Takoma and Silver Spring for a full day of free entertainment. Takoma runs 10-5. St Bernadette's 1-6.
St. Bernadette's is located at 80 University Blvd. E. just outside the Beltway in Silver Spring .

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