Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surf's Up This Thursday, Cher

Loyal readers may remember the turmoil of a rare remaining honky tonk's demise- Chick Hall's Surf Club. It closed. It was sold. It didn't close. It almost became a CVS, but wait- then new owner James Byrum stepped in and tried to keep it all going with live bands. But "Surf Club Live" had to succumb to a new identity, and show casing local bands didn't pay the bills.

No matter what this room was built for live music, and James is trying to make that scene happen again- for now only on the occasional Thursday night. This Thursday dust off your cowboy boots for a good old fashioned Cajun Zydeco dance with Cypress Trio. Please come out and be a part of it.
Support the place- support the music- support the Cause.
Live music rocks.

$10 at the door. $5 minimum. Free billiards. 8-10:30 p.m.
Brought to you by Dancing By the Bayou.

Coming up- another dance hall struggles to stay alive-
Blob's Park this Friday.

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