Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Two Step Program

Blob's Park is still alive. It was, ironically, saved from development by the recession, but the folks there still need your support to keep it going. One easy way to do this is to learn how to two step. Local dance guru Ben Pajac gives us the low down:

"In the tradition of the Texas hill country where honky tonk and German beer gardens go hand-in-hand, The Oklahoma Twisters will be featured at Honky Tonk Night this Friday, October 8 at Maryland's hidden (and I mean hidden) treasure, Blob's Park. The 2nd Friday of each month will feature the best of local and nationally-known bands including Arty Hill and the Long Gone Daddys.(November 12)
Furthermore, there will be a painless and free dance lesson before the shows (and perhaps at break, depending on demand) by the old Twist and Shout instructors Ben and Debbie.

Insider's tip: Max keeps a hidden cold-vault behind the bar which holds a selection of fine schnapps and, just as importantly, chilled shot glasses (kept at 12 degrees F).

Dance lesson is at 7:30 p.m. Band starts at 8. Chilled schnapps - anytime."

Admission-just $10.

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