Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dancing Off A Stay of Execution

Blob's Park was the brain child of Max Blob- a German immigrant who started the  business on his family's farm in 1933 bringing the atmosphere of a real German beer garden to Maryland. It was shut down in 2007 after being sold to developers, but a slow economy and Max Eggerl, great nephew of Max Blob, saved the day. Max has leased back  the place until the bulldozers return.

Here's what Slickee Boy Mark Noone has to say:

"Blob’s used to be a fantasy land looming on the outskirts of Baltimore. It was where my parents and their friends would go to drink beer, eat wieners, and polka. My late friend John Hyde went there one evening with his wife and kept talking about the atmosphere for weeks. It is a great place, the kind of place only found in Baltimore; well, Jessup really. The dance hall is surrounded by 40 acres of rolling terrain. There's a cement pavilion where I have played many times, but you will never forget the dance hall. 

This Friday at 8 p.m., DC’s premier western swing band, The Oklahoma Twisters, will be playing their collective ass off in the dance hall; its kind of like BBQ brisket --meets wiener schnitzel with beer and dancing. One should go there at least once in a life time to experience the place and act like my parents’ friends did in the fifties and sixties."

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