Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loggers Hail Local Hardware

Politicians and their lackeys come and go in this town, and most never even scratch the surface of local Washington. On the flip side families that have lived here for generations have never stepped foot in the Capitol- especially nowadays with all the terrorcrats barring the way to the peoples' own real estate.

But here's a story from Stock Wilson of the Loggers which has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with the history of our own Capitol Hill:

"Capitol Hill's oldest hardware store Frager's is celebrating its 90th anniversary next Saturday October 2nd with a rooftop performance by DC's Loggers from noon until 3. In the 80s I had a beat-up town house on Capitol Hill from which I was working sound for the Oxymorons, playing bass for the Slim Jims and fronting the Megatones. Our roadies all worked at Frager's!

"The original Loggers that formed on the Hill were Vince and Antoine Sanfuentes and myself. Piers Hackley has replaced Antoine and founding Mump, ex-Iggy Pop guitarist Rob duPrey joined the band in 2008. Although the Loggers are considered a roadhouse cover band in the DC tradition, our sets are heavily peppered with original material. Come join us for our Let It Be moment!"

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