Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Local Rockers Do It at Iota

Friday night, if for whatever reason you don't go down to see Tommy Keene at the 9:30 Club, (Mr. "Places That Are Gone" guy whose song made me cry at the 9:30 anniversary show) then head over to Iota where WAMA award winner David Kitchen is the opening act. David put out a killer CD last year, but rarely plays his own stuff.

And on Saturday night, DC's own Songwriting Guy- Karl Straub will be the opener at Iota as well. Karl's been around many a moon with many a tune often covered by other artists.

Iota, a tiny venue in Clarendon, often has bands worth checking out, and this weekend is no exception. But be aware- the club is undergoing renovations, and the cafe side is closed though food is still being served in the bar.

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