Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caustic Casanova Will Translate at Velvet Lounge

DC ROCKS couldn't say it better than this announcement from Caustic Casanova:

In the words of the mighty Peelander-Z, quoted in a National Japanese press release just one week ago:

"私達はあらゆる振動You'より懸命に揺する; あっている".

That roughly translates to 'CC and P-Z in DC? Go to the show, it's EZ!!!'

With anticipatory excitement like that, you're going to want to read this closely:

If you want to have what will surely be the best Wednesday of your life, you need to be at the Velvet Lounge THIS Wednesday, TOMORROW, at 7:30 pm to see Geisha Lightning, Tsushimamire, Caustic Casanova and Peelander-Z!!!!

It promises to be an extremely fun/hard rocking/weird show - not to mention yours truly (Caustic Casanova) will be playing new material, old favorites, and a few surprises.

See you there!  Doors at 7:30, Caustic Casanova goes on at 9.


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about this amazing show. Hope to see you there! -Stefanie, CC