Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Go Local DC

Here's a totally DC ROCKS type show- a bunch of long playing musicians rocking a small venue. If you are NOT a fan of corporate style rock music (what we used to call the "top forty") or chain style restaurants and bars then please support these kind of shows.

Jim Kennedy writes about his band The Colliders which is playing Nicaro on Georgia Avenue in the heart of Silver Spring this Friday:

"The Colliders are three guys who have played all kinds of music and are finally getting to do what we love.  The repertoire is mostly rockabilly, honky-tonk, a little blues-some originals, some lesser-known great tunes, and always surprises.  This is a band with a big beat, more rocka than billy, and The Colliders are picking up a good following in Montgomery County after two years of playing the local joints." 
Also, November 5th is my sixtieth birthday!  At twenty I was playing moody extended jams in Tucson; at thirty I was playing outlaw country music in California (good party that year, I came this close to going to jail); at forty I was playing Southern rock in North Carolina; at fifty I was conducting research and raising kids with the occasional street-party gig for fun; and here as I hit sixty I'm having a blast doing what I always wanted to do, playing good old three-minute, three-chord rock and roll."

Because DC ROCKS is such a local rag (well, it would be if we weren't all on line now) We just want to go ahead and say Happy Birthday, Jim! And if you go to the show make sure you tell 'em DC ROCKS sent you.

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