Monday, November 22, 2010

Diversions: DC Rocks' Holiday Survival Plans

It's in the air already- that sense of impending holiday gloom. The leaves fading, the days darkening, and if you haven't hit the grocery store yet this week- forget about it!
Big dinners and family reunions can bring on the best of times and the worst-to borrow from Mr Dickens-so we are here to help with alternative escape plans.

Guests overflowing? Drop 'em off downtown at the mall in the afternoon with a little map to the Rock and Roll Hotel for Wednesday night. They can't sleep there, but there'll be a WHOLE lot of dancing going on with Chopteeth at the helm. And they'll come home too tired to talk about how well their twins are doing at Yale.

Also on Wednesday you could sneak out (after your mother in law is in bed) to the Quarry House to catch those incredibly grooving cats in Gigahertz and those misplaced seamen The Yachtsmen. Both bands come with mega talented players; one harkens back to the out pouring of talent from the late Sixties, and the other flies in the face of reason: original rock disguised as Thurston Howell.

Some people call it Thanksgiving, but those in the know call this Thursday Thrillbilly Karaoke Night down at the Sunset Grille. Let professional rockers erase all those memories of Uncle Bob in his cups, unbuttoning his shirt and singing Elvis off key.

But wait there's more- Friday night- Rhodes Tavern Troubadours at Iota with special guests sitting in. Stay tuned for details on that tomorrow.

Hang in there. We'll get through this together.

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