Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fretting Over Options

As I write this  WPFW, DC's last bastion of real radio, is blasting Chuck Brown and trying to raise money for their membership drive, a very worthy cause by the way. I am torn between wanting to hear Chuck's voice and wanting to turn it off because I miss him so, but I love that station, and I love it that they are playing our beloved departed Godfather.

It seems trivial to write about anything else, but the sun comes up every day no matter what, and if you are looking for a distraction this weekend- well, there is stuff out there.

Artomatic is going on from May 18th through June 23rd, and there is always something cool to check out for artists and performers of all stripes.

Any Bad Seeds or Cramps fans at large out there? Then you might remember Kid Congo Powers who once slung a guitar for these bands and more. He'll be making a scene this Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong- a place which gives you things to do while you wait for that pizza.

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